warehouseLgWest Worldwide can provide warehousing and inventory management services for OEM customers. We will maintain tracking of all warehoused inventory and deliver to your location on an as needed basis.


West Worldwide offers purchasing capabilities for all its OEM customers. This allows the customer to reduce their inventory levels on hand while maintaining a JIT delivery schedule.


With locations throughout the US and in China, West Worldwide is capable of offering import and export services to our OEM customers.


West Worldwide operates multiple locations that offer tire-mounting services to distributors, aftermarket customers and the OEM market. We are an independent mounting facility that can bring in the tire and wheel from your preferred supplier and offer a high quality mount that will be available to your assembly line when needed for production.


West Worldwide has been providing this service for construction equipment manufacturers for over a decade and we can offer various types of flat-proofing alternatives to fit your customers’ needs.


Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery

West Worldwide has been providing JIT delivery to OEM customers since its inception. We can provide a schedule that suits the needs of the customer so they are able to reduce inventory levels, improve use of warehouse space available and increase manufacturing efficiencies. These improvements all increase the bottom line for our customers.